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Access to Justice, is my Vision


My Customer Service Philosophy:

a deep regard for our residents, as they navigate the Courthouse.

While being at court can be stressful, being at the court-counter shouldn’t be. By offering customers the option of in-person transactions, or online services, like our online Jury Duty questionnaire, our online Marriage License “pre-App” and electronic filing for both Land Records and Court Records, we have taken some of the headache out of your business with the court.

MY VISION is more VIRTUAL appointments with our Clerk's Office, so you can save a trip!

My Preservation Philosophy:

a profound responsibility to conserve ancient court records, and showcase them throughout our community.

In partnership with the Library of Virginia &, we image, index and post original 18th & 19th Century court records online, so that more people can get the fulsome picture of Fairfax’s past. As custodian of the public record, it is my proud mission to let the records speak, revealing History’s Truth.

MY VISION is EXPLORATORY HISTORY TOURS for students & researchers!

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My Technology Philosophy:

an expansive vision for the many benefits technology offers court customers.

Technology, like our e-filing services and virtual appointments, make interacting with the court easier. When the experience is less costly and more accessible, our community deepens its confidence in the justice system.  Fairfax is a digital community, and now enjoys a digital court experience.

MY VISION is for a DIGITAL TRIAL PRACTICE system for digital exhibits and evidence storage.

My Civil Liberties Philosophy:

a courthouse is no place for partisanship.

Precisely because of the precious civil liberties protected at our Courthouse, a non-partisan administration of justice, earns the community’s trust in its Court system.  My deep respect for the rule of law, including the over 800 Virginia Code-mandated duties of the Clerk of Court, means that our office cherishes your rights. 


As Clerk, I will have the statutory duty (and high honor) of protecting a large swath of your civil liberties: marriage licenses (right to marry), real estate/land records (property rights), CWP applications, civil and criminal case management (due process rights & victims’ rights), voter registration appeals & election night chain of custody of ballots (right to vote), and open court and accessible public records (free press).

MY VISION is SECURE and ACCESSIBLE records, such as a PROTECTIVE LIEN STATUTE, that allows homeowners to protect their property rights, and their biggest asset...their home!

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