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Culipher, Vote for HER!

With her commitment to, and track record of, excellence in public service, Gerarda Culipher has the education, experience, and enthusiasm to best serve Fairfax, as its Clerk of Court.

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Gerarda Culipher

Gerarda Culipher


As the current Deputy Clerk, I am running for Clerk to continue my service to Virginia’s largest and busiest trial court, keeping it an exemplar of good government.

I believe in keeping the administration of justice in Fairfax
smart, well-run, and accessible.

You and I know that our Courthouse is a special place. It is the home of our civil liberties; it must be run thoughtfully, professionally, efficiently, and in a non-partisan and service-oriented way.

With YOUR customer experience, as MY mission,

we can deliver excellent service for our busy residents
and our vibrant legal community.

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